Hadwen Park Congregational Church
United Church of Christ
6 Clover Street, Worcester MA 01603  | 508-752-7489
Office Hours: 9 am - 2 pm  |  Tues., Thurs., Fri.
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Our Church History
Since 1904, women and men of faith have gathered together to worship, pray, study and play in this place we call: Boyce Square, Hadwen Park, corner of Knox and Clover Streets or Trowbridgeville. All these names have described the neighborhood that is home to our church. In those early days, the people of the area met at the Trowbridgeville School (located on Webster Street where the entrance to Faith Chapel cemetery is now) for Sunday School, regular worship services and fellowship.

Selected Highlights
1911, Church folks decided it was time to erect a building of their own to house the Sunday School and other activities. This was the first leap of faith.

1914, it was voted that the building would become a church, named "Trowbridgeville Chapel." The decision caused dissension in the neighborhood and many left the flock. 

1916, the little group voted to organize as a Congregational Church and named it "Hadwen Park Congregational Church."

1923, the congregation took yet another leap of faith and purchased a parsonage, which was located where our parking lot is today.

1938, under the leadership of Rev. Clement Hahn, membership had grown to 100 people and it was time for another generation's of faith leap. A major building project was undertaken to remodel the sanctuary and fellowship hall.

1948, membership had grown to 300 and the people started thinking of expanding again.

1952 - 1954, under the leadership of Rev. Arthur Blowen, the church office and the education wing were added to accommodate the growing Sunday School.

1960s, under the leadership of Rev. Charles Asplin, a difficult decision was made to tear down the parsonage and build a new one, now located on Clover Street.

1964, Rev. Robert Fenby began his tenure with 350 members on the roles.

1965, members voted to be a church open to all regardless of race or ethnic background. We were leaders in 1965.

2005, Hadwen Park Congregational Church completed a major renovation, including a new roof, windows, expanded sanctuary with seating for 240 people, new heating, plumbing and electrical, new handicap accessibility, restored pipe organ, new handicap bathroom upstairs and two new handicap bathrooms downstairs.

The organ was expanded from 434 pipes (seven ranks, or sets of pipes) to 910 pipes, (fifteen ranks, including the future addition of the Trumpet) with the addition of a rebuilt windchest and 488 pipes. The Estey organ windchests were rebuilt, using a different technology than was in practice by the Estey company in 1938 - direct mechanical solenoids - rather than leather-pneumatic actions. The old Estey system was rather involved to restore, and did little to offer flexibility, such as allowing stops to play in more than one keyboard, and allowing the Swell Flute and Principal to play at multiple pitches. Completed, we now have this ability.

The result is that Hadwen Park Congregational Church has a "new organ" built from parts of several historic instruments from around the country (there are even some pipes from Germany). The American Classic Organ Co. is proud of the results.